The problem with some chargers, especially laptop chargers, is that they can be rather bulky and heavy. This is because some laptops require more power than others in order to keep it charged up. This also means that bringing it around with you can be troublesome, but that’s something that GaN charging tech is hoping to solve.

If you’re after a new charger that can not only charge your laptop but other devices without being overly bulky, Satechi has unveiled their new 165W USB-C GaN charger at CES 2022. This charger also supports PD on all four ports and according to Satechi, will be powerful enough to charge Apple’s latest M1 MacBook Pro laptop.

The other remaining ports can also be used to charge other small items that don’t need that much juice, such as a smartphone, a smartwatch, and maybe even a tablet. What’s interesting about this charger is that Satechi is also including a small mount/dock which means that instead of the charger lying on the floor awkwardly, you can prop it up and have easy access to the USB-C ports when you wish.

That being said, it doesn’t exactly come cheap. It is priced at $120 which for some is a lot to pay for a charger, but the small form factor, the efficiency of GaN, plus the multiple USB-C ports could make it the perfect traveling companion.

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