As more manufacturers create laptops that do away with traditional USB ports in favor of the newer USB-C standard, those with USB-A accessories and devices will have to resort to using USB hubs or deal with adapters. If you’re going the hub route, then maybe Satechi’s latest USB hub could be of interest to you.

We say this because while USB hubs are a dime a dozen, Satechi’s latest hub can actually accommodate an SSD. Dubbed the Satechi USB-C Hybrid Multiport Adapter, the hub comes with an M.2 port that will allow users to attach a SATA SSD to the hub. This means that not only can the hub support multiple USB-A and USB-C accessories, but you can use it as an external drive of sorts.

Satechi obviously doesn’t include an SSD with the hub, you’ll have to buy that separately, but at the very least it gives users options. Also, as The Verge points out, the hub will only allow users to access the SSD at USB 3.0 speeds which tops out at 5Gbps, so you won’t actually be able to take full advantage of the SSD’s speeds.

However, it is rather convenient to have a hub that has a built-in SSD instead of having to lug around an extra external drive in addition to the hub, so depending on your needs, some might find this useful, while others might find it a bit slow. Satechi’s USB hub is priced at $90, which is not cheap for such an accessory, but if you’re keen you can head on over to the company’s website for the details.

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