[CEATEC 2015] Despite residing under a transparent showcase with a sign that museums and other historical places (and even high end stores that sell luxury items) would be familiar with, “Do Not Touch”, it seems that the Sharp Borderless Displays are not all that they seem to be. Inact, there is a very slight border as you can tell by the photos above and after the jump, but only just.


Perhaps calling it an Ultra Thin Bezel display might be more politically correct in this day and age, and it certainly does not stray too far from the truth, but those who look at the bigger picture might think that we are splitting hairs here. Basically, these Borderless Displays from Sharp are meant to highlight their use in posh environments such as luxury goods stores, where the shiny new object on display needs a little bit more push before your eyes are enamored by what they see, while a polished video that has plenty of advertising thought behind it helps clinch the final deal, so to speak, making you go over the edge and reach for your wallet.


Is it worth investing in these than large HDTVs to adorn the various spaces in a store? Perhaps, taking into consideration how these Sharp Borderless Displays look enticing enough, not to mention having that little extra bit of class to them.

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