If you have tuned into the news at any point over the past couple of weeks you might have heard about the emissions scandal that Volkswagen is involved in, millions of VW vehicles were found to contain software that enabled them to cheat on emissions tests, the scandal has major repercussions for the company as not only does it face lawsuits but over $25 billion has already been erased from its market value. The company’s new CEO Matthias Müller has said that the Volkswagen recall is going to start in January 2016 provided if everything “goes to plan.”

Soon after the emissions scandal broke Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn had to step down from his position, the company then brought in Porsche CEO Matthias Müller to lead the group.

Speaking to German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Müller said that if everything goes to plan the company is going to start recalling vehicles in January 2016 and it expects that all of the cars will be fixed by the end of next year.

A spokesperson for Volkswagen of America later explained that he was only talking about cars that have been sold in the European Union, there’s no roadmap so far for when affected vehicles in the United States will be recalled.

As per estimates over 11 million VW diesel cars are affected by this scandal and around 488,000 of them are in the United States, still the company is yet to reveal when VW of America is going to begin the recall.

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