qualcomm-fingerprint-readerIf the rumors are to be believed, Xiaomi is expected to launch their next-gen flagship smartphone the Xiaomi Mi 5 in November. Now one of the handset’s rumored features is a fingerprint sensor and given the landscape of today’s mobile market, it does not come as a surprise. In fact if anything, fingerprint sensors are more or less expected.

However according to a new rumor out of China, the fingerprint sensor used by the Mi 5 will not be your typical fingerprint sensor where the sensor is placed outside the phone’s body. Instead the rumors are claiming that the Mi 5 will be taking advantage of Qualcomm’s Sense ID which could allow the sensor to be embedded into the display or underneath the phone.

For those unfamiliar with Sense ID, this is Qualcomm’s take on fingerprint sensors. It relies on ultrasonic technology which means that the sensor will not have to be placed outside the phone, unlike fingerprint sensors like Touch ID. Instead the sensor could technically be placed inside of the device, like under the display, thus keeping the phone more sleek and uniform in the process.

The ultrasonic technology will also allow capture a 3D image of your print, thus making it more detailed and harder to copy. If the rumors are true, Xiaomi’s Mi 5 could be the first smartphone that uses Qualcomm’s Sense ID technology. No word on when the phone will be released or announced, so do take it with a grain of salt for now.

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