It’s very easy to purchase a drone now, head over to your favorite online retailer and pick one up. It’s that easy, and with drone prices ranging from under $100 to over $1,000 there’s something for everyone. If you happen to own a really expensive drone, or run a business that owns an entire fleet, you might be worried about losing your money if that drone were to meet an accident. Lucky for you, AIG is now selling insurance policies for drones.

AIG has launched multiple new policies that insure drones against damage, some policies even provide third party liability coverage, which means that your insurance will cover the damage should the drone crash into someone else’s car or house.

Not only do the policies cover physical damage to the drone itself but they also cover electronics like cameras that the drone might be carrying, there are no exclusions in the policies even if the on-board electronics give up on you.

The premiums will vary depending upon the type of drone being insured and the policy chosen. It may not make much sense to get your $100 drone insured, but if you’re a professional who uses an expensive drone with expensive video equipment perhaps you might appreciate the protection that an insurance policy offers.

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