nubia-x8The world of smartphones is a highly competitive one these days, and there are no two ways about it. Having said that, in order to keep up with the rest, market players will need to continue the game of one upmanship against the other, and at the end of it all, it does look as though consumers are the apparent winners on paper – after all, they get to obtain the very best efforts from everyone involved. Well, ZTE intends to rock the boat with their upcoming ZTE Nubia X8, where it does seem to feature a new control design that will boast of resistive touch volume rockers.

Based on the photo spotted, the ZTE Nubia X8 will come with a trio of grooves that have been apparently carved into the side if the frame. Two of those three grooves appear to be volume controls that can be manipulated through touch alone, and that makes it difficult to figure out whether the power button itself will be resistive, but there is a very real possibility that it might be a standard physical button.

While having non-physical buttons for volume control might seem to be something of a novelty, there is yet another lesson that we can all draw from by studying history – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Do you think that having resistive volume control buttons are the way to move forward?

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