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Meet The Nubia Red Magic 3, A Gaming Smartphone With A Built-In Fan
One of things that gaming smartphones love to boast over other smartphones is their cooling systems, where they claim that the use of proprietary cooling systems will allow their phones to maintain higher performance while keeping the phones cooled. However, it seems that Nubia could have taken things to the next level.

Ubergizmo’s Best of MWC 2019Editor's Pick
With 5G and foldable phones entering the market in 2019, this year’s Mobile World Congress was full of excitement, but not all products are created equal, and some are more eye-catchy than others. Here’s what we think is worthy of your attention, in no particular order.

Nubia Alpha Smartwatch Is All Display
When it comes to smartwatch designs, they are pretty standard and to a certain extent, almost boring. At the same time it is understandable since the idea is to blend the watch into your everyday fashion without standing out too much. However at MWC 2019, Nubia wants to turn that idea on its head.

Nubia Z11 Flagship: Hands-On
Nubia announced its new Z11 flagship smartphone at IFA 2016 today. It features a bezel-less design with several interesting features particularly related to mobile photography. The company claims that this handset provides users with the ability to take DSLR-grade images using their smartphones. That’s an ambitious claim and one that will certainly be put to the test by users across the globe.


Nubia Z11 Mini Arrives
ZTE of China looks as though they are on a roll, and this time around, it would be their sub-brand that is known as Nubia – a company that has rolled out its fair share of smartphones in the past, including having a shout where the ‘thinnest or slimmest smartphone in the world’ race was going on. Well, there is a newly minted smartphone from the folks over at Nubia […]

Nubia April 19 Event Might See Z11 Reveal
Just in case you were wondering why does Nubia sound so familiar, this is because it happens to be a sub-brand of ZTE, yet another company that hails from China that has set out to create some nifty looking handsets in recent times. We have heard our fair share of rumors concerning an upcoming handset from Nubia that will be known as the Nubia Z11, and it seems that there […]

ZTE To Reveal New Nubia Z11?
It goes without saying that branding is a very important thing for any self-respecting company who would like to ensure that they have a competitive edge over the rest of its competitors. It does not matter where you are on this earth – branding has a role to play, and ZTE of China knows this very well. In fact, they have recently posted a teaser on their Weibo site concerning […]

ZTE Updates Nubia Z9 Max And Nubia Z9 Mini
ZTE has quietly gone about introducing a slight update for the Nubia Z9 Max and Nubia Z9 Mini, two handsets that have been released since April earlier this year. It looks like all that it takes is just half a year before ZTE figured out that an upgrade is due to happen, which is why this hardware refresh saw just slight amendments to both handsets, without introducing too much change […]

ZTE Nubia X8 Spotted With Resistive Volume Controls
The world of smartphones is a highly competitive one these days, and there are no two ways about it. Having said that, in order to keep up with the rest, market players will need to continue the game of one upmanship against the other, and at the end of it all, it does look as though consumers are the apparent winners on paper – after all, they get to obtain […]

Possible Nubia Z9 Appears In Video
The ZTE Nubia Z7 happens to be the existing flagship device from ZTE, but it looks as though the Nubia Z7 is about to lose its position as top dog – assuming a video that has been posted on a Chinese social media site can be believed. Granted, the rumored ZTE Nubia Z9 has made a cameo in a fashion presentation, but it is definitely more than enough to set […]

Nubia Z9 Leaked (Rumor)
Nubia has rolled out some pretty interesting smartphones in the past, but none of them have really taken off in a big way and caused plenty of news channels to focus on the incredibly long queues. Still, there have been some decent smartphones that offer bang for your hard earned buck, and what you see above here is rumored to be the upcoming Nubia Z9 from ZTE, and there is […]

ZTE Nubia 5 Review
In the U.S., there are several very well-known companies manufacturing popular smartphones on a regular basis. Companies like Samsung, LG and Apple are synonymous with mobile as their devices have gained in popularity over the years. ZTE is a company not many those in the U.S. are too familiar with as the company primarily offers their devices to the overseas market, but that doesn’t mean what they offer isn’t as […]

Nubia Z5S And Z5S Mini Handsets Achieve Pre-Order Record In China
China’s ZTE, which is a company that has been in the spotlight in recent years for its foray into the world of smartphones, has recently made it big with the pre-orders of its new Nubia Z5S as well as Nubia Z5S mini devices, hitting the 2.5 million mark. To make matters all the more impressive, these figures happened to hail from not many, but just one particular e-commerce outlet, which […]

ZTE Nubia Flagship To Come With Snapdragon 800 Chipset In November
ZTE, one of the smartphone manufacturers from China who are now starting to make its presence felt worldwide, has mentioned that they have plans to introduce a new flagship device for the masses later this November. This particular flagship smartphone will run on the Snapdragon 800 processor, and will obviously target the high end market. If the name Nubia sounds familiar to you, that is because right now, the ZTE […]