amazon-signAn Amazon Prime subscription will cost you nearly $100 a year, but if you think about it it’s actually a pretty good deal. Not only will you gain access to better shipping options, but you will also gain access to other features offered by the website, like music and video streaming via Prime Instant Video.


However according to a report from Bloomberg, they have heard from sources that Amazon’s Prime subscription program could soon get a lot more attractive. Like we said, a subscription will allow you access to Prime Instant Video, but the report claims that not only will users get access to those videos, but they could also gain access to video services that aren’t from Amazon.

It is unclear if this will end up costing Prime subscribers more, or if they can choose to add on different channels separately, but apparently there will be prepackaged bundles available. As it stands there have not been any TV or movie channels named as part of this upcoming feature, but apparently they will be “well-known”.

As Bloomberg points out, this move makes sense especially in the face of the competition from the likes of Hulu and Netflix. So instead of users having to subscribe to various video services, Amazon could easily dominate the market if they were to consolidate the major movie and TV channels under its Prime subscription. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but Prime subscribers what do you guys make of this?

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