amazon_bookstore_5When Amazon first launched, the idea behind it was simple: an online bookstore where you could browse all kinds of books and have it delivered to your home, all without you having to get up from the chair. Interestingly enough it looks like Amazon will be returning to its roots, sort of, by launching its first physical bookstore in Seattle.

This bookstore will be opened in Seattle’s University Village and for the most part, is a bookstore. However it won’t be a very traditional bookstore as it will rely on Amazon’s data such as reviews, sales, popularity on Goodreads, and also human curators to determine what kind of books it will stock. There will be review cards placed at the bottom of each book that shows at least one customer rating and a review.

The price of the books sold will be the same offered on Amazon’s website, so don’t worry about price discrepancies. The store will also play home to some of Amazon’s products like Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets, the Fire TV, and more. This announcement by Amazon follows a rumor from last month which suggested that Amazon could launch a physical bookstore in Seattle.

Rumors of Amazon launching their own store have been around for years. In fact just last year Amazon launched a store in New York City which served as a warehouse/pickup point of sorts, but the store they are opening in Seattle will be the company’s first physical bookstore.

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