google logoYou know what they say – if at first you do not succeed, try again. And again, ad infinitum. After all, there is no shame at all in trying, is there? Google initially tried to make their way into the world’s largest democracy’s phone market with the launch of the Android One range of smartphones in June last year, but it did seem as though this particular initiative did not do too well at all where sales figures are concerned. In August this year, we mentioned that Google is set to focus on $50 Android One smartphones which might just see the market get a boost, but who really knows? A Wall Street Journal report claims that Google intends to go easy on the current requirements in place for Android One devices so that manufacturers will be able to have more freedom where features and pricing are concerned.

It is said that Google would like to roll out the first device that is based on its new requirements in the months ahead, working alongside Lava International of India. As for the pricing details, it remains unclear at the moment, although if one would like to take a benchmark figure, why not refer to the original handsets under the Android One initiative that retailed for approximately $100 thereabouts?

Only time will be able to tell whether this rebooted Android One program of sorts will be able to be the success story that Google hopes for it to be. The company is large enough to be able to absorb any kind of potential losses that might occur, which is a good thing if they would like to see it through to the end.

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