bridge-inspection-droneAccording to recent reports, it has been suggested that there has been an increase in the number of shark attacks in Australia. In 2015 alone, there have been reports of as many as 33 shark attacks, which is more than the previous years combined, indicating that perhaps something needs to be done to better protect their coasts and beaches.

It seems that one of the methods that the New South Wales (NSW) government has decided to employ is by using drones. These drones will be used to patrol the waters and will be monitored in real-time, that way if the drone operator sees footage of marine life swimming in shallow waters, they will then be able to quickly alert swimmers and surfers of any potential danger headed their way.

As it stands one of the current methods used is by flying a helicopter over the waters. This can be pricey as helicopters are more expensive to maintain than a drone, not to mention refueling costs. Plus helicopters can be loud, while drones are able to zip without drawing too much attention to themselves.

In addition to drones, there will be smart drum lines that will basically act as bait for the sharks. There will also be 10 4G listening stations to helps to track and provide real-time data on whereabouts of tagged sharks.

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