Tesla brought semi-autonomous driving ability to the Model S via a software update that enabled Autopilot mode on its electric car. On roads where the lanes are clearly marked the car is able to drive itself, it can even change lanes automatically when the driver signals, but since Tesla says that these features are in beta drivers are told to keep their hands on the steering wheel even with Autopilot switched on. That hasn’t stopped people from doing crazy things with Autopilot though.

Soon after the Autopilot update arrived multiple videos of drivers doing crazy things with the features started popping up on YouTube, they were not using the technology as it was supposed to be used, potentially putting themselves and others at risk.

A new video has appeared on YouTube which is perhaps the most dangerous stunt a driver has ever pulled with Autopilot. The video shows the Tesla Model S speeding down a Dutch highway with Autopilot engaged, but the driver is not where they should be, instead they’re in the back seat.

Sure it makes for a cool video, but not only is it dangerous, it’s downright stupid. Tesla has never advertised these features as developed enough that the driver no longer needs to sit behind the wheel, and the fact it brands the technology as beta goes to show that there’s still much work to be done before cars can be completely autonomous.

It’s no surprise that Tesla has picked up on the crazy things that people are doing and it has said that these features may be limited to ensure that people don’t end up harming themselves or others on the road.

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