2877887-fallout4_trailer_end_1433355589The console commands in Fallout 4 have led to some interesting discoveries by players, such as a secret developer room and a harpoon-style gun. We’re not sure if that was intended by Bethesda and if they were Easter Eggs, or if gamers had just stumbled across something that they weren’t supposed to.


However as it turns out, it looks like Bethesda isn’t a fan of gamers trying to access console commands. According to Bethesda’s Pete Hines in response to a question from a fan as to whether console players could expect console commands in the future, Hines replied by saying, “Nope. Use of the console is not supported or recommended on PC. that kind of thing isn’t permitted on consoles anyway.”

Hines went on to state that by using console commands, there is a potential to mess up saved games, so if you’d rather not risk losing your progress then perhaps you should avoid it. For those unfamiliar with console commands, we’ve seen similar features in FPS games like Quake and Counter-Strike.

Basically gamers who know what they’re doing can adjust the game’s settings to their liking, or at least customize it further than what the settings allow. For example in Counter-Strike you could adjust things like the color of your crosshair, the game’s gravity settings, enabling cheats, and so on.

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