leica_d_lux_typ_109-550x325When you think of Leica cameras, you probably think about its price, and then maybe followed by its quality. No doubt Leica cameras and lenses are capable of capturing some pretty stunning images (quality-wise, composition is an entirely different story), but its price tag has always been a barrier to entry for many a photographer.

However according to a report from Mirrorless Rumors, they have heard from their sources that Leica could be planning an entry-level M-mount camera that could be announced soon. Now the term “entry-level” is subjective. It could be entry-level as far as Leica cameras are concerned, but in the bigger picture it could be more expensive than regular cameras.

Just like how Apple has never really seen the need to create budget devices, we’re not sure if Leica sees such a need either. However given that the last Leica mirrorless camera we saw was the Leica SL which was priced at $7,450, creating another expensive camera might result in unnecessary competition amongst themselves.

Either way take it with a grain of salt for now, but check back with us later to see if there are any details to be had. In the meantime how entry-level do you think an “entry-level” Leica camera could be?

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