Google-AMP-newsRight now Facebook has an instant articles feature in which the content from publishers has sort of been preloaded. This means that when you click it, the content loads instantly in Facebook as opposed to having to wait for a website to load. Google announced a similar venture last month with Accelerated Mobile Pages, and it looks like we have a launch date to look forward to.

According to a post by Google, it seems that they are aiming to launch the project in early 2016. There is no specific date mentioned but they did say early, so hopefully we can look forward to a release in Q1 2016 at least. According to Google, “Google will begin sending traffic to your AMP pages in Google Search early next year, and we plan to share more concrete specifics on timing very soon.”

For those unfamiliar with the project, it will rely on the AMP HTML which is a new open framework. The idea here is that the same code will work across the board and multiple platforms, so that content developed for one platform will look the same on another. So far Google claims that thousands of publishers have expressed their interest in the project.

This includes the likes of the BBC, Sankei, New York Times, News Corp, and the Washington Post just to name a few. International partners also include and NZN Group in Brazil, El Universal and Milenio in Mexico, and The Globe and Mail and Postmedia in Canada.

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