Google may have retrofitted cars from other manufacturers when it first started testing out its self-driving car technology but the company has since designed its very own car. The company has been expanding tests of this technology with this car to more cities across the country, today it’s less about technology and more about art, art that provides a whole new look to Google’s little four-wheelers.

Through its Paint the Town project the company invited local artists based in California to submit original works which when selected would grace its self-driving cars, artists were asked to keep the “my community, my neighbors” theme in town and what the finalists have come up with adequately captures the heart and soul of the community.

In all Google selected 10 artists as the winners aside from two honorable mentions, their pieces now adorn Google’s self-driving cars that are currently being tested in San Francisco. One design shows the sunset as seen from Highway 101 and the other adequately depicts the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

The Paint my Town project was also launched for Austin as well where the cars are also being tested, submissions have been received and Google is in the process of sorting them out, expect to see its top picks in the near future.

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