Last week BlackBerry finally released the Priv, it’s the first Android smartphone from the company, the reviews have come in and some really like the device while others offer mixed views. As far as customers are concerned it appears that quite a few are clamoring to get their hands on one. Demand for the BlackBerry Priv appears to be high as shipments have now been pushed back because of supply constraint.

The company did ship pre-ordered units on November 6th, AT&T also had units in its stores on the very same date, but people who are purchasing the phone online now are seeing that shipments have been pushed back.

That’s most likely due to supply constraints as demand may have proven to be more than what BlackBerry accounted for. It doesn’t necessarily means that the phone is selling like hot cakes, given how its recent models have performed, BlackBerry is likely to have made fewer units at the start just to make sure it doesn’t end up with unsold inventory.

The company says that it started fulfilling shipments from November 6th but due to demand it has now phased shipments. Those who are purchasing the device online from BlackBerry are now seeing a notice on the website informing them that the unit may ship the week of November 23rd, the company says this is for the next wave of shipments.

If you’re curious about this handset check out our review of the BlackBerry Priv, it’ll help you decide whether or not you want to put your money down for this Android-powered slider handset.

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