Image credit - Phone Radar

Image credit – Phone Radar

The light emitted from our screens like those of our smartphones are called blue light. While most of us “ooh” and “ah” over the colors and brightness of our displays, there is a concern over prolonged exposure to blue light, especially at night where it has been found to be one of the causes of sleep disruption.

That being said if this is a concern, then Philips has the answer for you. The company has recently unveiled two smartphones – the Sapphire S616 and the Sapphire Life V787 – over in China. While the specs of the phones aren’t exactly overwhelming, one of their key features is its “anti-blue” display.

Apparently what these displays do is that they reduce the amount blue light emitted by the screens by as much as 86%, thanks to display technology from a manufacturer called SoftBlue. Technology that helps reduce blue light in displays aren’t new and have been found in monitors, but not so much in smartphones.

However like we said, the phones are launched in China so there is a good chance we might not see them stateside. At the same time we can appreciate the technology and intent behind it, and hopefully this is something OEMs will take note of in the future. Alternatively in the meantime you can always trying placing your phone face down at night, or putting it to DND mode so that its screen won’t flash when you get notifications.

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