samsung logo 5It goes without saying these days that the more rumors that surround a particular device, especially one that you know for sure is going to be extremely popular, then the closer it would be to its release date. That is one particular “fact” that cannot be disputed, for sure, unless one is talking about a game like Duke Nukem Forever. Having said that, Samsung has been pretty spot on and consistent when it comes to rolling out new devices on time each year, bringing about a hardware refresh to the masses. According to a leakster who has a pretty decent track record, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be unveiled on February 21st next year.

This year, the Samsung Galaxy S6 was unveiled at an event on March 1st, and should the rumor concerning the Galaxy S7 be correct (not to mention in all probability the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge as well), then it would be earlier by 8 days.

Perhaps the new timing is connected to the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 schedule, as MWC 2016 will only kick off on February 22 in Barcelona next year, whereas this year it began on March 2nd – yes, that is also 8 days earlier. Considering how Samsung has the penchant to carry out a big event the day before MWC begins, a pattern has emerged to give this particular rumor some legs.

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