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The first DLC for Star Wars Battlefront is based on the upcoming film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it’s called Battle of Jakku and the DLC will be available to all those who pre-ordered the title on December 1st. All other Battlefront players will have to wait until December 8th to get this free DLC which adds a new gameplay mode to the title.

It has already been known that the DLC is going to bring two new maps. The new game mode included in this DLC is called Turning Point and it takes a look at the aftermath of the battle of Endor.

The Empire has constructed a makeshift base at the edge of the map aside from small fortifications that are spread across the landscape. The Rebels have to locate the enemy bases to attack after an emergency landing, they need to take control of all of them. Rebels also need to locate and capture one of the three control points in Imperial control.

They have to do all of this while the clock keeps ticking, however if the Rebels are able to capture a point more time will be added and new control points will then become available for capture. Players have to move through these checkpoints with the ultimate goal being the Empire’s base where the final battle takes place.

Star Wars Battlefront is already available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Players who pre-ordered the title get Battle of Jakku DLC on December 1st.

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