tumblr_messagingIf you are an avid user of Tumblr and you wish there was a better way of communicating with your friends or other users of the website, it looks like the website has finally heard your demands as they have officially unveiled a new instant messaging feature. This feature will be applied to the web version of Tumblr, along with Tumblr’s iOS and Android apps.

Now if you log into your Tumblr and you don’t see the feature, fret not. Tumblr has acknowledged that they are rolling it out on a limited basis for now. However the good news is that if your friend has it enabled for their account, all they have to do is send you a message and you will get the Messaging feature as well.

This is according to the Tumblr Messaging FAQ which states, “You’ll receive the messaging feature when a friend who has it already messages you, passing it along. Everyone will receive messaging in a few weeks.” Tumblr also notes that messaging is only applicable to public blogs, so if you have a private blog, you won’t be able to receive instant messages from Tumblrs that aren’t following you.

While we doubt Tumblr’s new messaging feature will ever replace other instant messaging apps out there, like we said this will be a useful feature especially amongst those who are avid users of the platform.

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