new airbus a350 4Planes are made mostly from aluminum, which is where the term “aircraft grade aluminum” comes from when it comes to describing the material. However recently the folks at Airbus and Qatar Airways have unveiled a new plane which will feature heavy use of carbon fiber, a material typically found in many a sports car.

Now the idea of a plane made from carbon fiber isn’t new and it has been done in the past. However with the latest Airbus A350, the company claims to have used carbon fiber in more than 50% of the plane’s construction. The reason for this is because carbon fiber is lighter, which means it takes the plane less energy to propel itself, and also because carbon fiber is less susceptible to corrosion.

Apart from using this lighter and more energy-efficient material, Airbus also claims that their new plane will help combat jet lag. How is this done? This is done through the use of LED lights in the cabin. The lights will change their color temperature to mimic the sun’s natural glow and are timed with natural circadian rhythms.

Other comfort features include a filtering system that changes the plane’s air every 2-3 minutes, and it has also been pressurized to 6,000 feet which apparently makes it more comfortable. Qatar Airways will be the first airline company to use the plane in their fleet, so if you are flying with the company anytime soon, you might be able to sit on the new Airbus A350.

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