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Aston Martin Teams Up With Airbus To Launch A Special Helicopter
Airbus Corporate Helicopters and Aston Martin teamed up to reveal the ACH130 Aston Martin Edition helicopter today at Courchevel in the French Alps.This is meant to be a stylish high-performance helicopter for special customers worldwide.The ACH130 helicopter offers a range of four interior and exterior designs generated by Aston Martin – which looks to be darn impressive in the photos.Not just limited to the interior choice, but you also get […]

Airbus Planes Will Be Digitally Aware To Track Bathroom Visits
As bizarre it might sound, the digital evolution involves a lot of weird improvements – including aircrafts tracking your bathroom activity, to say the least. According to a report by Bloomberg, Airbus planes are trying to make the cabins “digitally aware” and monitor your activities for insights to help the passenger in an efficient manner.Dubbed as “Airspace Connected Experience“, Airbus says that it aims to provide a personalized passenger experience […]

Airlines Have To Reboot Their Airbus A350 Planes After Every 149 Hours
If one of your gadgets doesn’t work as it’s supposed to, your first thought might be to try and turn it off and on again. That power cycle can fix some minor glitches. Now imagine doing that with a commercial airliner. It turns out that many airlines have to turn their Airbus A350 jets off and on again after every 149 hours due to a software bug.

Massive Airbus BelugaXL Plane Completes First Flight
The Beluga ST is a big cargo plane made by Airbus which the airplane manufacturer uses to transport materials to its facilities where it manufactures commercial airliners. It has been building the successor to the Beluga ST which has now completed its first flight. The BelugaXL has 30 percent more payload capacity than its predecessor.


Airbus Flying Car Passes First Test Flight
Commonly referred to as a flying car, Airbus has been working on an all-electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft called Vahana for a couple of years now. The company had said that it would test Vahana by the end of 2017 but it missed that deadline only by a month or so because the Vahana has now passed its first flying test. Airbus has announced the first successful flight test […]

Airbus Flying Car Will Be Tested By The End Of 2017
Airbus has long been working on an electric-powered vertical take-off and landing aircraft, commonly referred to as a flying car. The European company launched this project called Vahana back in 2016 through its Silicon Valley subsidiary. The project aims to develop a fleet of autonomous and electric-powered multirotor VTOL aircraft capable of flying from rooftop to rooftop in dense cities where traffic jams are a common occurrence. Airbus has released […]

Airbus Autonomous Flying Car Prototype Will Be Ready This Year
Airbus is best known for the giant airplanes it makes but many of you may not be aware that it’s also working on small autonomous flying cars that are meant for single-passenger travel. Airbus CEO Tom Enders has said that this is a project that the company takes very seriously and that it’s looking to have a prototype of this flying car ready by the end of this year.

Forget Self-Driving Cars, Airbus Wants To Make Self-Driving Sky Taxis
Right now the automobile industry is focused on developing self-driving cars with the belief that autonomous vehicles are the way of the future, and we suppose that it is possible that they are right. However Airbus has loftier (literally) plans as they have announced a program called the CityAirbus that aims to put self-driving taxis in the sky one day.

Airbus A380 Aborted Landing Will Make You Hold Your Breath
The Airbus A380 is a testament to human engineering. It’s the biggest passenger plane that’s widely used by many airlines across the globe, the sheer scale of this thing is mindboggling, makes you wonder how it even flies. It’s pretty good at taking to the skies and is certainly one of the safest jets in service today. An aborted landing is not a procedure that necessarily signals that something’s wrong […]

Airbus And Siemens To Work On Electrically-Powered Planes
For the most part the majority of consumer flights these days are done using planes that consume fuel. However according to a report from Reuters, it seems that both Airbus and Siemens have announced that they will be working together to create electrically-powered planes, with the goal being that by 2030, they will have built small planes that could be partially powered by electricity.

Airbus Files Patents For Inflight Storage Compartments
While traveling by air has gotten a whole lot more comfortable in this day and age thanks to the numerous improvements made even for economy class passengers, there are still certain aspects of a flight that are inconvenient – and one of them would be storage space; it seems as though there isn’t much space at all to stash one’s stuff. Normally, it would be overhead bins that are where […]

Uber & Airbus Partner Up For On-Demand Helicopter Rides
So you need a ride to the airport. You can opt to call for a cab, or if you support Uber, you can use their services too. This applies to general transportation. However what if you wanted a different kind of ride? What if you needed to get to a particular location faster than any cab or Uber car can take you?

Counter-UAV Camera System Revealed
Drones are all over the place these days, be it in our skies or in the news. Regardless, they have become so commonplace so much so that the FAA would require them to be registered, along with their owners, of course. This has certainly led to some food for thought, where Airbus has decided to come up with what it calls a ‘drone killer’ camera system that is capable of […]

Airbus & Qatar Airways Unveils Carbon Fiber Plane
Planes are made mostly from aluminum, which is where the term “aircraft grade aluminum” comes from when it comes to describing the material. However recently the folks at Airbus and Qatar Airways have unveiled a new plane which will feature heavy use of carbon fiber, a material typically found in many a sports car.Now the idea of a plane made from carbon fiber isn’t new and it has been done […]