onimusha-trademarkOver in the Land of the Rising Sun, we have received word that Capcom has filed for a trademark for the Onimusha franchise, which is definitely news, taking into consideration how the company has also reportedly file a slew of other trademarks along the way. The Onimusha franchise is special in a sense where this is a niche series of samurai games which actually made quite the impact during the Sony PS2 era, and hence, it is exciting trying to decipher just what this particular trademark will be able to offer.

Of course, the folks over at Capcom did not deny that there is a possibility in the future to check out remastering old material after seeing how Resident Evil Remastered fared on various platforms such as the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Right now, there is a couple of Resident Evil remasters being worked out, which is why it would not raise too many eyebrows in the event that we see an Onimusha collection actually making its way over to the console platform.

The last new Onimusha title released was Dawn of Dreams in 2006, with the 2012 browser game notwithstanding. All in all, a new Onimusha title is definitely going to move mountains.

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