car_driver_dashGetting into a car accident should be pretty straightforward, where the person who made the mistake takes responsibility for it. However sometimes you get some drivers who will argue or lie that it was your fault and that they are not liable for the damage caused, which is why sometimes dash cams are useful in such situations.

Now if you are in the market for a dash cam, you will be interested to learn that Summit CE Group has recently announced that at CES 2016, they will be debuting several Android-powered Car and Driver-branded dash cams, with the cheapest model starting from as low as $39, and with the more expensive models going up to $299.

Of course the low-end models will be very basic in their design and functionality, but at the core it will still be able to capture footage. Some features of the cameras include Full HD 1080p video recording, loop recording, accident/motion detection, parking mode, night vision, lane departure warning, and etc.

Some of the higher-end Android-powered models will even come with a touchscreen display to navigate the cam and its features. The company is also boasting that all models are pretty much plug and play, so you don’t have to worry about getting a mechanic to install it for you as hardwire installation is not needed.

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