A couple of weeks ago we reported how an engineer created his own lightsaber. However instead of what should have been light, it was more like a flame torch that managed to upwards, giving us the illusion that it was a lightsaber. It is still a pretty cool invention, not to mention it actually burns so safe to say even though it’s not the real thing, we’d hate to be cut by it.

However laser enthusiast Stryopyro has decided to up the game by creating a lightsaber made with a 7W laser. The result is a weapon that can blind you if you were to stare into it, so much so that he had to wear a pair of safety goggles just to make sure that his corneas wouldn’t burn out by the glare. Heck, the video itself is pretty glaring so we can’t imagine what the real thing would be like!

According to his build, he used a Nichia Gallium (III) Nitride laser to make his lightsaber and from the demonstration, it seems to be destructive enough to be able to burn through wires and other objects around the home, so obviously getting touch or cut by this lightsaber is very, very low on our list of things to do.

For those unfamiliar with Styropyro, he has created other laser-based products in the past, like a 40W laser shotgun that he unveiled earlier this year. However that’s not all as he is apparently planning a 40W laser bazooka as well! In the meantime if you’re still basking in the glow of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, check out his build in the video above.

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