According to Star Wars lore, a lightsaber is made from kyber crystals. In the real world, such crystal (unfortunately) do not exist meaning that if and when we were to eventually create lightsabers, we’d probably have to come up with our interpretation of them. This could result in blades made from a concentrated laser, or in this engineer’s case, a steady stream of fire.

Electric engineer Allen Pan has put together his take on the lightsaber. Pan basically took the hilt of a lightsaber and modified it to produce a steady stream of fire. Granted it doesn’t have the same glow as the lightsabers in the movies, but it will no doubt burn and sting you if you were to come in contact with it.

Pan’s creation involves the use of a mixture of methanol and acetone for fuel, and he also used butane to help propel the flame upwards/forwards. The hilt of the lightsaber also comes with buttons that will trigger lightsaber sound effects, which you can hear for yourself in the video above where you can see Pan attempt to light a cigarette with his weapon.

As to whether you can actually duel with it, the answer is no since the flames would go right through each other, but as far as getting the look down, we reckon this is probably one of the closest things we’ve seen to a real lightsaber.

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