As if staring down the barrel of a shotgun wasn’t an intimidating picture, imagine staring down the barrel of a laser shotgun, knowing that the black could very well fry your face off! Well that’s what YouTuber styropyro has done in which he has constructed his very own 40W laser shotgun that looks like it could belong in a sci-fi movie.

Now according to styropyro, he claims that no one should be able to own such a powerful piece of weaponry, but apparently because it isn’t illegal for him to build such a device, he decided to do it anyway. According to him, “The output of this laser is complete insanity, and is made up of 8 parallel 5W laser beams totaling to 40W. The parallel beams are manipulated with lenses, sort of like how a choke modifies the spread of a shotgun blast.”

As for how the laser shotgun is being power, styropyro writes, “The massive diode array is powered by a huge lithium polymer battery pack (capable up dumping 250A) and the laser array is regulated by a whopping 24 LM317 drivers.” Now thankfully there were no instructions made available on how to recreate this as we reckon it would be a very dangerous thing to make it public knowledge.

As expected the laser on the device is extremely powerful and had no problems bursting balloons in seconds, so imagine if it were directed at your skin or your face, it could easily create some nasty burns. It also had no problems setting a paper bag on fire. This is a pretty awesome device albeit dangerous, although admittedly we think that the laser gatling gun is a much cooler concept.

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