drone-great-wheelDrones are not too far off from the limelight in this day and age, and recently we had Jeremy Clarkson introduce the new Amazon Prime Air drone, too. However, it seems that all is not fine and well with this particular case that involved a drone and a toddler – apparently, the toddler in question lost an eye in what has been described to be an “awful accident”, attributed to an errant drone in the UK.

Sixteen-month-old Oscar Webb happened to be outside his family’s home when a family friend was flying a drone. Simon Evans recounted the story, “It was up for about 60 seconds. As I brought it back down to land it just clipped the tree and spun out of control. The next thing I know I’ve just heard my friend shriek and say ‘Oh God no’ and I turned around and just saw blood and his baby on the floor crying.”

Oscar’s mother, Amy Roberts, was in the same ambulance with her son, and she recalled, “What I saw or what I thought I saw was the bottom half of his eye and it’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen.” It seemed that the quadcopter drone that Evans flew did not come with propeller blade guards, and it was one of those propellers that cut Oscar’s eyeball. Oscar lost the eye in the incident, and will need time to fit in a proper prosthetic.

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