Ford-patent2One of the bad things about driving a car versus a motorbike is that when you’re stuck in traffic, you really have no choice but to wait. On a motorbike, however, you can squeeze your way in between vehicles if there is enough room. However, Ford wants to change that with a rather interesting patent.

According to the patent, as discovered by Patent Yogi, it suggests that the rear wheel of your vehicle can be removed and with another attachment, you basically transform it into a unicycle that you could use to move around in between cars and other vehicles. Alternatively, you could use it in terrain where a car might not be usable, or maybe if you are going to a place where it would be hard to find parking.

That being said it is unclear if such a plan would ever be made into reality. After all, we can only imagine given how heavy wheels are that it won’t exactly be easy to pop it off. Also learning to ride a unicycle isn’t exactly the same as riding a bicycle so drivers would have to learn a new, but fun, skill if they wish to truly make use of the feature, but what do you guys think? Does an idea like this hold any merit?

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