The common methods of greeting someone for the holidays involve sending them a card or a message or email, maybe call them if you’re feeling particularly generous with your feelings, Google on the other hand thinks it okay to terrify you as you really know that Christmas is around the corner. Robotics company Boston Dynamics, owned by Google, has released a new video showing its robo-dogs pulling Santa’s sleigh, because that’s what you need to see on a dark cold night, the sight of robo-dogs advancing towards you with speed and agility.

Boston Dynamics makes robots that are unlike any you have ever seen before, we have seen it making one of its robots dance, while its much larger robot named Atlas is perfectly navigating dense woods to hunt down its prey. Naturally it appears that there might be military uses for this technology as well.

The video is short, sweet but also scary when you think about it, one can get a bit unsettled seeing these 160 pound four legged canine-like robots move with such speed and show that they’re very much capable of taking dear old Santa along for a ride.

Should we all just wish that Santa bring us a Boston Dynamics robot this Christmas or hide under the bed and wait for the inevitable robot takeover? I for one welcome our robot overlords.

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