iphone 6s cameraLove or hate the iPhone, but you have to agree that in terms of image quality, Apple has been pretty consistent in delivering good quality images via the iPhone’s camera. Granted it probably isn’t the best camera compared to some of the alternatives out there, but it does a good enough job.

Ever wonder why? Turns out that this is because Apple has about 800 people working on the iPhone’s camera. This is according to a recent Charlie Rose interview in which he spoke with Tim Cook and several other Apple executives. During his segment on 60 Minutes, it was revealed that Apple had apparently dedicated 800 employees to work on the iPhone’s camera.

Note that this aren’t 800 employees who might also do other jobs at Apple, but rather 800 employees who are solely dedicated to the iPhone’s camera technology. The team is led by Graham Townsend where he took Rose on a tour of the camera’s testing lab, showing off how Apple tests the camera’s performance under varying conditions.

We have to wonder if 800 is excessive but then again, like we said the iPhone’s camera performance has always been pretty consistent so obviously Apple has done something right. There have been talks that Apple could also be exploring a dual camera setup for future iPhones but whether or not that is true remains to be seen, but with 800 people working on it, we’re sure Apple will figure something out.

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