kh3-trailer-tweetThe art of trailers is definitely an evolving one – whether we are referring to movie trailers, or in more recent times, game trailers. After all, trailers tend to be teasers that will hopefully let you bite the bait, so to speak, so that you will go and watch the movie or play the game when it arrives. However, movie trailers these days tend to give the best bits away, but game trailers – it needs to be played to be experienced fully, and does not solely hinge on the strength of the story alone. The Kingdom Hearts III trailer which was supposed to be shown in November by Square Enix did not happen last month, although it looks like Square Enix intends to make amends by mentioning that they will launch the trailer really soon.

While December 18th has been mentioned, it does not seem to have happened just yet, despite having a few more hours to go before the day is over. Of course, the Kingdom Hearts III logo is not the only one displayed, as the image that accompanied the tweet also left open the possibility of seeing a II.8 trailer in tow, too. I suppose being disappointed once is bad enough, so hopefully it won’t happen a second time.

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