Kingdom Hearts 3 was meant to be released in January, 2019. However it seems that there have been some copies of the game that have been leaked. This is according to a tweet by journalist Ryan Brown who claims that copies of the game were stolen from the employees of a shipping company.

He also confirmed the leak via screenshots that were shared to prove that they are the real deal. The official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account has since confirmed this news as well, along with an attached message from the game’s director Tetsuya Nomura who apologized for the concern that this caused. He also stated that the game’s epilogue and secret movie, which he claims are the game’s biggest spoilers, will be released at a later date just in case.

Nomura does not confirm if the leak really came from stolen copies of the game, but he does the very least acknowledge it. That being said, we’re not sure what the thieves plan to do with the stolen copies of the game, but we imagine that they’ll probably want to sell it. What this means is that there is a chance that whoever buys it or stole it might be sharing spoilers of the game online ahead of its release.

Given how long fans have been waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3, it’s safe to say that seeing spoilers before getting to play it would be very upsetting for many, so do keep that in mind when browsing the internet.

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