Is there more than meets the eye on the Red Planet, which is otherwise known as Mars? Perhaps, or perhaps not, but as every scientist will be able to tell you, having water alone is not good enough for a life form to survive – let alone come into being, as there are many different other variables to take into account for just the right kind of atmosphere that can support life. While the NASA Curiosity Rover on Mars did not get crushed by a Transformer of sorts, it looks like the video shown above depicts what might seem to be a mouse.


With NASA’s Curiosity rover going around, surveying Mars for over three years now, the video that you see above was snapped in October last year, and it certainly led forlks to wonder about whether there are actually mice on Mars itself.

If so, then October 27th, 2014 would certainly be a historical date, as that would be when the mouse was seen on the ridge of the 96-mile Gale Crater, and kudos to amateur astronomer Joe White for spotting it. Do you think that this is an extra-terrestrial mouse or rodent? Perhaps, or perhaps not, but let your imagination run wild. White also noted that Mars had “some strange anomalies nearby”, admitting later on that what he saw was “probably an optical illusion.”

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