Your smartphone is not the only device hanging around that receives a software update, you know – and neither is your favorite video game console either. How about a piece of machine that is located thousands and thousands of kilometers away from our earth – residing on the Red Planet, otherwise known as Mars, where it is called Curiosity by everyone else? Well, we are pleased to say that the Mars rover known as Curiosity is on the receiving end of a virtual brain transplant – basically, a software update, so to speak.

According to NASA, the Curiosity rover is currently undergoing a software update, where this process will take up to four days to complete. During this rest period for Curiosity, NASA engineers are hard at work sending updates to Curiosity’s software, which is primed at the moment for its flight stage, in order to prepare it for its operations which are far more crucial upon landing on the surface of Mars. This update will allow it to update its Facebook status and reply tweets – I jest, it will allow Curiosity to use the geochemistry lab’s sampling system, as well as drive in order to get around. Hopefully it will not run into any Decepticons in the process!

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