Seeing countless new high resolution photos of Pluto was definitely one of the highlights of this year, the flyby back in July beamed home some amazing photos of the distant planet in our system, but today NASA has something much better. It has released a new rather colorful and trippy video of Pluto, as a lover of all things space, I’ll take it as a Christmas present.

NASA put together images made by the Linear Etalon Imaging Spectral Array and then joined them together to create this trippy video. The video has actually been sped up about 17 times from its original frame rate with NASA adding that the colors have been “translated,” because the Linear Etalon Imaging Spectral Array is only capable of capturing infrared light.

The speed and the false colors are what gives the trippy effect to this video, almost making you feel as if you’re the one flying past the planet while having diffraction glasses on.

The New Horizons team, the ones captaining the spacecraft that flew by Pluto earlier this year, often release such trippy images because they use false colors to the extremes in order to exaggerate the differences in Pluto’s surface. One can’t deny though that the resulting images are very groovy to look at.

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