Unlike many major networks that now allow people to stream their channel online NBC offers no such service, however it does have a service in beta right now called SeeSo, this particular service brings NBC’s rich lineup of comedy content for on-demand streaming at a monthly cost. NBC has now confirmed when SeeSo will be formally launched, you can subscribe to it starting January 7th.

Initially the service will be available via the SeeSo website as well as the apps for iOS and Android, NBC does say that it’s going to release apps for other platforms over the next few months.

All of NBC’s extensive comedy lineup will be accessible via SeeSo, this includes favorites like The Office, 30 Rock, as well as next-day availability of episodes from late night shows hosted by Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon.

Aside from providing access to NBC’s rich lineup of comedy content the streaming service will also be host to original shows, though it will take some time for them to come out.

Subscribers will receive a one-month free trial to the service prior to being made to pay for the privilege, SeeSo is going to charge subscribers $3.99 per month, it may not see that much but if you already subscribe to a number of TV and music streaming services then you’ll certainly notice this additional charge on your credit card bill.

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