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NBC Launches Peacock Streaming Service With A Free Tier
There are many streaming services available at the moment and it looks like we have another contender who has tossed their hat into the ring. NBCUniversal has recently announced their upcoming streaming service called Peacock, and one of the ways the company is standing out from the competition is by offering a free tier.

NBC's Free News Streaming Service Launched
NBC was building a standalone news streaming service to cater to cord-cutters and the network has now launched the service. NBC News Now is the free streaming service that will provide news programming between 3 pm and 11 pm ET. The service will be accessible via the web as well as through the NBC News app for devices like the Apple TV and Roku in addition to mobile devices.

NBC To Launch Ad-Supported Streaming Service In 2020
Subscription services are the rage these days and it’s easy to see why. This is because subscriptions ensure a steady stream of revenue, versus ala carte where customers might go weeks or months without purchasing anything new, whereas subscriptions ensure that money is rolling in regardless of whether customers use the service or not. Kind of like the gym.

NBC Universal’s Streaming Service Could Pay You To Watch
Want to use a service? Pay for it. That much is expected, such as cloud storage, music streaming, and video streaming (free tiers aren’t really free per se since you’re “paying” by listening to ads). However NBC Universal could be trying out a different strategy, which is instead of users paying them, they could pay users instead.


Snapchat Will Let You Watch NBC Olympics Coverage Live
Snapchat announced a partnership with NBC in October last year for mobile entertainment and we’re now seeing what appears to be the first result of that partnership. It has added a new live streaming feature to the app which will enable users to watch the Games live right within the app. Users will also get to see daily highlights from NBC’s coverage.“Snapchatters can expect one pivotal moment from NBC’s primetime […]

NBC Sunday Night Football Stream For Mobile Launches Next Year
The NFL had an exclusive streaming deal with Verizon that recently ended. That has enabled NBCUniversal to reach a deal with the NFL to stream Sunday Night Football games via TV Everywhere on smartphones, PCs, and tablets. Verizon has inked a new contract but it’s on a non-exclusive basis. The deal is not going to take effect until next year and since it covers the 2018 season, viewers will be […]

NBC Will Live Stream 1,800 Hours Of 2018 Winter Olympic Games
NBC has announced today that it’s going to live stream a record 1,800 hours of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games from PyeongChang, South Korea. This is a record for the Winter Olympics. NBC’s streaming coverage of the games will be a combination of digital-only streams and authenticated TV viewing.

NBC News Launches A News Show For Snapchat
If you like to get your news from unconventional platforms then you’re going to like what NBC News has just launched. The news network has announced the launch of a news show for Snapchat. The headline news show is called “Stay Tuned” and it will be refreshed twice a day on Snapchat. The idea here is to connect the younger generation that’s not necessarily used to getting their news from […]

Comcast Developing Streaming Service For Hit NBC Shows
According to a new report, Comcast is looking to compete with the likes of Netflix by coming out with a new online TV streaming service that will offer hit shows from its NBCUniversal TV networks. There isn’t a lot of information available about this new streaming service at this point in time but it’s believed that the company is looking to launch it within the next 12 to 18 months.

NBC To Stream Debates And Election Coverage In VR
There are a lot of ways you can watch the upcoming U.S. presidential debates. From the conventional cable TV to the internet, there are plenty of ways now to tune into the action. Facebook is going to live stream the debates and Twitter also announced today that it’s going to provide a live stream as well. NBC is going in another direction. It’s going to stream election coverage as well […]

Snapchat Will Get Original Content From NBC
NBC has inked a deal with one of the most popular online services – Snapchat. As part of this deal, the broadcaster is going to produce original content for Snapchat. Content is going to include material from its popular shows like The Voice, Saturday Night Live, and Fallon. The first original show NBC produces for Snapchat is going to be a scaled-down version of The Voice where coaches from the […]

NBC Bags Massive Deal For TV Rights Of All Harry Potter Films Until 2025
NBCUniversal today announced that it has inked a substantial deal which gives it exclusive TV rights to all films for Warner Bros’ upcoming J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding World franchise starting in July 2018. As a result of this deal the company now has on-air and digital rights across its TV networks until April 2025. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them is the first film in this series that it’s […]

Watch 2016 Rio Olympics In 4K On NBC
4K televisions are gradually becoming popular and HDR, a relatively new trend, is catching on as well. Those who have a TV that supports these standards will be able to get an enhanced viewing experience of the upcoming Olympics. NBC has announced that it will provide carriers with content from this year’s games, enabling viewers to watch 2016 Rio Olympics in 4K and HDR. The only caveat here is that […]

NBC SeeSo Comedy Streaming Service Now Live
Here’s yet another recurring monthly subscription to add to your credit card, NBC has finally launched its comedy-only streaming service called SeeSo. The company first announced it last year and then put it through beta, it did previously confirm that SeeSo will go live for the public on January 7th. It’s right on cue and starting today you can take up this service to view over 2,000 hours of NBC […]

NBC Comedy Streaming Service Launches January 7th
Unlike many major networks that now allow people to stream their channel online NBC offers no such service, however it does have a service in beta right now called SeeSo, this particular service brings NBC’s rich lineup of comedy content for on-demand streaming at a monthly cost. NBC has now confirmed when SeeSo will be formally launched, you can subscribe to it starting January 7th.

Free Beta Preview Of NBC'S Streaming Service Begins December 3rd
Last month NBC announced that it’s also launching an online streaming service like many of its competitors, however it’s not offering a proper stream of the linear channel just yet, instead the company announced the launch of SeeSo which is a dedicated service for streaming NBC’s comedy content.

SeeSo Is NBC's Dedicated Comedy Streaming Service
Major TV networks are gradually embracing the internet TV streaming phenomenon and launching their own services to better compete in the evolving TV landscape, there had been rumors that NBC is coming up with a service of its own, and today one has finally been announced. The service doesn’t provide streaming of the linear channel online, rather it’s a dedicated service for streaming comedy content, which NBC has plenty of.

NBC Is Turning Taken Into A TV Series
There appears to be a growing trend in Hollywood of turning movies into TV shows, not too long ago CBS announced that it will be producing a show titled Limitless based on the Bradley Cooper-starring movie of the same name. NBC has had the same idea, according to reports the network is turning Taken into a TV series. The franchise stars Liam Neeson in all three films as a former CIA […]

NBC Apple TV App Reportedly In The Works
A report yesterday claimed that NBC won’t available on Apple’s web TV service that’s expected to go live this fall because of the company’s falling out with Comcast, NBC’s parent company. Apparently that’s not going to stop NBC from wanting a spot on the Apple TV. NBC is reportedly working on an app for the Apple TV through which it will allow people to stream live content.

NBC Reportedly Putting Together A Comedy Video Subscription Service
Legacy networks are gradually getting in the business of online streaming. Given that NBC partly owns Hulu the network has been at it for quite some time now. According to a latest report it is now putting together a subscription video streaming service that will only provide comedy content, the highlight being latest episodes of Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show, which will be immediately available for streaming on […]