razer_leviathanmini_6Last year Razer unveiled the Leviathan soundbar. For those unfamiliar with a soundbar, basically this is a long horizontal speaker that is usually placed below a TV or sometimes a computer. So for example if you don’t have enough space for regular bookshelf-style speakers, a soundbar should get the job done.


That being said if the original Leviathan was still too big for you, you might be pleased to learn that Razer has an alternative. The company has recently announced the Leviathan Mini Bluetooth speaker, which in reality is essentially a smaller version of the Leviathan, but given its smaller stature it also means that it makes it a lot more portable than its bigger brother.

However if you wanted louder sound and maybe a more stereo experience, Razer states that you can connect two Leviathan Minis together. It features Bluetooth and NFC connectivity and will be able to maintain its connection from a distance as far as 30 feet. There is also a built-in microphone, so using it as a hands-free kit for your phone is possible.

According to Razer co-founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan, “Portable speakers today present so many compromises when it comes to delivering sound on-the-go – whether it’s audio quality, battery life or connectivity – and that’s something we didn’t want to do with the Razer Leviathan Mini. There isn’t a more balanced portable speaker solution out there.” The Leviathan Minis are priced at $179.99 and is currently available for pre-order.

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