Last month NVIDIA launched the revamped version of its Shield tablet, at the time of its release the company said that even though the Shield Tablet K1 is shipping with Lollipop straight out of the box, it will soon receive an update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The company is yet to confirm precisely when this update is going to be released however today it has put up a video sneak peek of the Shield Tablet K1 Marshmallow update.

Basically it’s a short video which shows some of the improvements and new features that the Marshmallow update is going to add to the Shield Tablet K1. Highlighted in the video are features like the new app permissions, vertical drawer for the launcher, Google Now on tap and GeForce Now, NVIDIA’s cloud game streaming service.

Aside from the features that come part and parcel with Marshmallow of all Android devices, this update is also going to add a new NVIDIA camera app to the tablet which will use the K1’s processor to enhance and add effects to photos. The fact that it’s possible to use microSD cards as internal storage in the tablet has also been highlighted in the video.

NVIDIA is yet to confirm precisely when this update is going to be released, the video description does mention that it’s going to be released in December, well NVIDIA did say that it’ll have Marshmallow out for the tablet before the end of this year.

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