sony ps4In case you didn’t already know about your PS4 console, the device comes with an 8-core processor. However only 6 out of those 8 cores are made available to games while the remaining two cores are used to power the operating system of the console. For the most part this doesn’t really affect gamers as the PS4 is pretty powerful enough to begin with.

However according to reports, it seems that a group of developers have discovered that Sony might have recently “unlocked” one additional core. This means that developers will have one extra core to work with. It is unclear as to why Sony did not do this at the start, but perhaps the company was just being careful so that at launch, the console and not just its games would run smoothly.

Given that it has been a couple of years now, perhaps Sony feels comfortable enough to give developers access to that extra core. If this sounds familiar, it is because Microsoft did something similar with the Xbox One console as well. When the company stopped bundling the Kinect with their console, this gave them extra room to free up processing power.

As for what this means for gamers, right now it probably doesn’t mean anything simply because games for the PS4 were developed with the 6 available cores in mind. However in the future there is a good chance that developers will take advantage of that extra core, and there could be patches released that will allow games to run slightly better, so gamers will want to keep an eye out for that.

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