iphone smart caseA couple of days ago, Apple surprised everyone when they launched the Smart Battery Case. There have been plenty of battery cases designed for the iPhone over the years, but this marked the first time that Apple has decided to launch one of their own. However its design was a bit odd and safe to say that many weren’t exactly thrilled by it.

The criticism seemed to mainly target the hump on the back where the battery is kept, although recently Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has come forward to defend its design. Speaking to Mashable, Cook explained that the reason for choosing the design they did was to facilitate the ease of taking the phone in and out of the case.

According to Cook, “If you make this solid all the way across in order to get it on, you’d find it very difficult to get it on and off.” What Cook is referring to is the fact that the majority of battery cases features a solid backpiece where the battery is kept, but because of that kind of design, taking the phone in and out of the case can prove to be a chore (anyone who has owned a battery case can probably attest to that).

Apple’s Smart Battery Case on the other hand keeps the battery towards the center and because of its silicone material, will allow the user to take the case on and off more easily. We suppose it is a valid explanation but at the same time we are wishing a better design could have been chosen, but what say you? Are you a fan of the way the Smart Battery Case looks?

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