united iPhoneThere is an increasing number of restaurants and service-based industries which have started to incorporate the use of smartphones and tablets in their operations. This includes using mobile devices to take orders, or in some cases even placing tablets on the table so that customers can make their own orders at their leisure.

That being said it looks like United Airlines will be making the same move as they have announced that they will be equipping customer service reps with iPhone 6 Plus units. According to Jon Roitman, United’s senior vice president of airport operations, “Our employees told us they needed better tools to serve our customers, especially during severe weather and busier travel times. We have seen great success with the custom-made tools on the iPhone 6 Plus and believe expanding the use of a smart phone device with other applications is a great investment in our employees.”

The handsets will be distributed to more than 6,000 customer service reps in which they will be used to help customers with pre-departure activities. For example they could help customers print boarding passes and baggage tags anywhere in the airport (as opposed to customers having to go to a specific office or area). They can also help customers look for alternate flight options in the event that they might need one.

This isn’t the first time United has adopted such a program. Back in 2011, the company started issuing iPads to its pilots and iPhones to its flight attendants, but this will be the first time its customer service reps will be equipped with it.

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