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It appears that carriers have found the easiest way of making people switch from their existing carriers, they promise to pay switching costs, which can prove to be a burden when a customer wants to switch since they tend to be several hundred dollars. We have seen many other carriers offer similar incentives to switch and now Verizon is doing exactly the same thing, offering up to $650 to cover switching costs if you come over to Big Red’s network.

Customers who are on a contract with another carrier or paying off device installments can take advantage of this promotion. A new smartphone device payment activation and port-in is required on Verizon which will then provide a prepaid gift card of up to $650 to cover early termination fees on the previous carrier.

The device being traded-in must be in “good working condition” and worth over $0, customers have to keep the line active for 6 months. Bear in mind that the Visa prepaid card to cover the early termination fees will be mailed within 8 weeks of the claim being received.

To start, head over to Verizon and add a new smartphone with monthly device payments to the cart. Upon being prompted click “trade in old device,” enter the number you want to port to Verizon and within five days you will receive a box to send your old phone to Big Red.

Gather the final bill from old carrier and email order confirmation with trade-in details to Verizon in order to claim the offer. Those who have an outstanding balance for their old device will then receive a prepaid gift card of up to $650, those who just paid an early termination fee will receive a gift card of up to $350.

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