Sprint-signLast year T-Mobile announced a rather radical move on their part by offering to pay the early termination fees for customers looking to make the jump to T-Mobile’s network. Sprint countered by offering to pay similar fees but capped it at $650 which is still pretty generous, but now it looks like Sprint has decided to up the ante by offering to pay 100% of what is owed.

Basically if you’re thinking of switching carriers, Sprint’s new offer will see the carrier pay off your early termination fees along with the remaining payments you have left on your phone installment plans, “no matter what is owed,” according to the carrier. However you will have to sign up for some kind of plan with Sprint like their Sprint Easy Pay, iPhone for Life Plan, Sprint Lease or just pay full retail price along with a new line of service.

Unfortunately if you think that you can still hold onto the phone that you got from your previous carrier, that does not appear to be the case as Sprint will require you to turn in the device, which should be in a relatively good working condition. Sprint will also provide customers with a free pre-paid mailer so you won’t have to pay for postage yourself.

According to Tom Roberts, the Senior VP for marketing at Sprint, “Sprint is dedicated to its customers. We have invested millions of dollars in our network and offer the most competitive rate plans in the industry. And, now we are making it easy to see what Sprint is all about by paying your costs to switch including early termination fees.”

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