weighing-rock-iphone-scale-610x458With the launch of Apple’s latest iPhones, the Cupertino company also introduced a new feature called 3D Touch which measures how hard you’re pressing on the display, in which based on the pressure different menus and functions will be available. The idea of potentially using 3D Touch as a weighing scale has been explored before.

However Apple was quick to prevent such apps from making its way onto the iTunes App Store. Now using 3D Touch as a weighing scale is probably not very practical but in case you do want to do some impromptu weighing, you’re in luck because the folks at OS X Daily have come across a web app that lets you do that.

Basically with the web app being accessible through Safari, Apple can’t really do anything to block it and it more or less does the same thing as the previous app. All users have to do is open up Safari on their phones, navigate to the scale web app hosted on GitHub, place a metal spoon or something similar on the screen, and they’ll be good to go!

Surprisingly enough the results are pretty accurate but like we said, it’s not exactly the most practical method of weighing. However it does make for a pretty cool party trick if you ever want to impress your friends on what your phone can do.

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