yurekaYU has rolled out some pretty interesting handsets before, with the YU Yureka (as illustrated above) can attest to, having been sold out in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, it does not seem that their upcoming YU Yutopia is going as planned, as the launch of the handset has been delayed. This particular handset was scheduled earlier on to be unveiled this coming December 7, but it seems that something has come up and it will now roll out on December 17th – which would be a 10 day delay. YU’s CEO Rahul Sharma made this announcement over on Twitter, which you can read for yourself in the extended post.

What is the reason for the holdup then? It seems that apart from the YU Yutopia, there is yet one more handset which is being prepared for an introduction, and as YU figured out it would not be too efficient to come up with a couple of separate launch events, they might as well regroup and do just one. However, one must take note that the delay does seem to be related to a recent Delhi High Court order that restrains YU from importing and selling devices which have Ericsson’s patents within, at least until YU forks out the necessary dough to Ericsson.

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