Hoverboards became insanely popular over the past year, they became the kind of accessory you’d expect all the “cool kids” to have, but as it turns out that they also happen to be a potential fire hazard. There might be a couple of companies that make safe hoverboards but the market is flooded with cheaper alternatives and they pose a fire risk. Amazon was a popular place to buy hoverboards and it’s now offering refunds to anyone who purchased one through it.

Amazon’s decision is mentioned in an update from the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission about its investigation into the safety of these self-balancing scooters that don’t actually hover, but people call them hoverboards for some reason.

In a statement provided to the media CPSC Chairman Elliot Kaye says that he expects other retailers and manufacturers of hoverboards to take action and refund their customers in full as well. Kaye also expects major online sellers to step selling hoverboards until there’s more certainty regarding the safety of these products.

Amazon will obviously only refund customers if they purchased their hoverboard from it, the refunds are available to its customers living in the United States or Canada. All they need to do is return the hoverboard to Amazon and they will be refunded in full for their purchase.

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